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Do you like fuud???
I love Aero :d
I cant join. Is it down?
Lol I'm so immature

Heardbleed, Change Password

MLG_KITTEN aHead Admin posted Apr 9, 14
There has been this bug going around, that Mojang announced that is called "HeartBleed". For the safety of the server, and the community, I advise you to go change your Mojang password. Even if you haven't signed into >,, and other MC skin/sites. You should really change your pass. Heardbleed is a bug where it steals your personal info. This bug can steal your minecraft account, and no more minecraft! Go change your password, if you forgot your email. (Like me) then don't sign in to Minecraft skin sites or! Trust me.
Shadow_Nat I changed mine when I woke up yesterday
Snacks What if you have to log in to change your password?
Hey everyone,

I have some news, the first part of this message I am going to tell you is that I am now one of the owners on the aerooxdynasty staff team. I am only with the staff team because I have added a server to this aerooxdynasty hub/lobby server. It is KitPVP, it is currently under construction, new maps and ranks are coming soon. I will talk to the official owner ALPHAmale23k about some other things that should be added, but in the future. So you can join at /server kitpvp when it is all ready!
MultiBigTimeHD™ OWNER Keep your opinions to yourself thanks.
starface1001 Where did nothing bad come from XD
starface1001 No one even knows you you popped out of no where and tried did nothing bad add a server no one is going to play that's w ...

Server News :(

ALPHAmale23k aOWNER posted Apr 2, 14
This may or may not be the last month that the server will be up. Unless there are more people joining the server and there are some donation here and there, then I have no other reason to keep the server up. I've kept the server alive by myself for a year now, but I can't keep doing that. I know that some of you guys have donated and I thank you guys for supporting the server, but it only helped to pay off for 2 months of server fees. I've tried my best to get more people on the server with a few youtube videos and posting the server on minecraft server list sites with no success. New people do join, at least 3-4 a day, but they don't stick around cause there's usually no one on the server when they join. And if they do join when there are people on then it's usually when people are arguing. Shutting down the server isn't something I want, but I can't keep on paying the server fees on my own. The reason I first started the server was for people to have a place where they can happily play on and make new friends. 

HnS Reset!

MLG_KITTEN aHead Admin posted Mar 23, 14
HnS is now getting a reset, this is why because of the new spawn that I have built. This means, your tokens that you all have earned, will be reset. I hope you all understand. HnS has been only 3 months year old on AEROO. It deserves a reset. The reset will reduce lag toward the server. I hope you all understand, new maps will be coming soon! Sorry for the reset! - 
Sincerely, MLG_KITTEN 


ALPHAmale23k aOWNER posted Mar 4, 14
The Voting System for our server has been improved. You can now vote and get rewards on the following servers: Factions, SkyBlock, SkyWars, and FreeBuild.

The rewards for each of the servers named above are as follows:

Default: $400, 5 Diamonds, and 165 Exp Each Vote.
Lucky:  An extra $400 and 2 God Apples.
SuperLucky: An extra $800 and 15 Diamonds.

Default: $1000 Each Vote.
Lucky: An extra $1000 and a Cow Spawn Egg.
SuperLucky: An extra $2000 and a Enchantment Table.

Default: $7 Each Vote and Access to the Voter Kit.

Default: /Fly For 24 Hours.
Lucky: Creative For 12 Hours.
SuperLucky: Creative For 24 Hours.
MLG_KITTEN aHead Admin It's very hard to get super lucky cause of the amount of the items that are good in the vote. But I wish you luck anyway ...
InfectedCashew11 So whats the chance of getting SuperLucky?
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Lucas1118ok ive been on this server for about a year now and i just want to thank all of u. for some of you guys u dont really understand me. so i want to tell u that i am a big part of the server. I was one of the first to join. i met all my friends at citi-build spleef. jenna sara mlg wally pana nat sky someone u dont know but wicked cat slay dub and more. all of u guys have been so nice to me. you have made mc more than just a game to me. u guys are the best. and anyway i came here so i can still be with u guys and have fun with u guys. u say im obsesed with spleef. but even if cb didnt delete it i would have ditched it for u guys. you guys are the best friends ive had yet. thank u
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MultiBigTimeHD™ OWNER  Hard to understand, but I don't think those people will reply, so I say on there behalf your welcome.
kennvin4   joined AEROO Dynasty
MLG_KITTEN Head Admin  published Heardbleed, Change Password on News
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